What is the meaning of "misery loves company"?


According to Dictionary.com, "misery loves company" suggests that unhappy people take some consolation from knowing that someone else is suffering as well. People who have recently experienced failure or loss sometimes prefer to seek the company of others who are also experiencing similar situations, rather than being around happy people.

Unhappy people surrounded by happiness tend to feel even more alone. Those in supervisory positions in the workplace understand the truth of this phrase. One discontented worker generally tries to find allies in the office to reinforce his own feelings, kindling a situation in which negativity spreads throughout the workplace. Some people have friends who seem always to be there in a supportive role when things are going wrong, but back off during happier times. These so-called friends are often unhappy people themselves who find a degree of comparative happiness from being around others who have problems. This example of misery loving company is also an example of an unhealthy relationship.

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it means that when you hang out with some one negative then you will become negative.
"Misery loves company" means that people who are feeling sad usually want the people they are
people like to be with people that are going thru the same things they are and be miserable together.
Are your current friends a bunch of grumblers? If they are, you might want to check-in with your own state of affairs. Are you a grumbler too? There is some truth in the saying Misery
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