Meaning of Monday's Child Is Fair of Face?


The Meaning of 'Monday's child is fair of face' indicates beauty and fortune. Monday's Child is a popular nursery rhyme that is a fortune telling song for children. The meaning is to tell the story of a child's character based on the day they were born. It is supposed to help the child remember the days of the week. It was recorded in 1838 and in the mid 19th century, James Orchard Halliwell made the rhymes for individual days into the collection. There are a few variations and some debate on a few of the verses and dates.
Q&A Related to "Meaning of Monday's Child Is Fair of Face?"
Pretty, beautiful, delightful, handsome, charming. A pleasant face to look at.
In the poem, Wednesday's'wednesdays...
Do I even have those two right? I can't find it on the net... Thanks, any help would be really appreciated. Update : That brings up another good question.. How do you find out what
Monday's child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace. 'Monday's Child' is one of many fortune-telling songs, popular as nursery rhymes for children.
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