Meaning of Open Source Application Software?


Open source software is a computer software that the source code is available and free. Some of the open source software are; Mathematics, Finance, Computer simulation software. The licence of an open source software are usually not discriminatory to anyone.
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Open Source software is software which is free and has source open to anyone, meaning that anyone with skills can modify and improve it, and everyone can do anything he wants with
Open source software allows for the coding of the software to be shared, viewed and modified by others. It is freely available to the public, and is a great way for software to be
Open-source advocate Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation, disdains the term "open source, preferring to call it free software. But while nearly all open-source
Open source, as its name implies, means providing the software itself, along with the source code of it, free for distribution, compilation, modification and reuse at no charge or
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