Meaning of Ozone Depletion?


Depletion means the disintegration or loss of something. Ozone is what makes up one of the protective layers of the planet Earth which shields organisms from the full impact of the Sun. Ozone depletion is the loss of the protective layer between the Sun and Earth.
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Ozone depletion is the process where ozone holes are created in the ozone layer. It is caused due to the action of chloro-floro-carbons on the ozone molecule to break it down to oxygen
Ozone depletion has very serious effects. Because the ozone absorbs UVB ultraviolet light, increased UVB levels can cause skin damage, including skin cancer. It can also affect crops
Ozone is a compound consisting of three oxygen molecules bound together (O3) When ultraviolet radiation strikes ozone, it is broken down into a single (O) and double (O2) oxygen molecules
The scientific evidence, accumulated over more than two decades of study by the international research community, has shown that certain human made chemicals containing chlorine and
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The ozone layer is the part of the atmosphere that protects earth and it's inhabitants from damaging sun rays. The ozone layer's depletion or decrease has been ...
Ozone is a term that is used to refer to a triatomic molecule that consists of three oxygen atoms. Ozone depletion is caused by a huge array of factors with the ...
The solutions to prevent depletion of Ozone Layer is to avoid the use of a group of chemicals known 'chlorofluorocarbon(CFC)'. The molecules of CFC's destroy ozone ...
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