Meaning of Prevention Is Better Than Cure?


Prevention is better than cure means that is better to prevent a disease before people get it and try to cure it after they get it. Less people will be sick if we learn how to prevent disease. A cure is reactive.
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Well prevention means to prevent you getting it in the first place, and curing something is getting rid of something you have, so its better to prevent and not actually get a disease
First I have to point out that no material is really safe from disasters, f.e. concrete buildings are structurally destroyed by fire too. Also, there are some cases where lightweight
I didn't find who said that but it means A little precaution before a
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. - De Legibus, 1240 Author: Henry de Bracton Quoted by Ben Franklin but did not originate with him. Source(s):
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