Meaning of Puka Shells?


You can find puka shells on the beaches in Hawaii. You can also find puka shell jewelry on eBay. You have to make sure the shells are authentic and not a plastic replica.
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The word "puka" is originally a Hawaiian word meaning "hole" or "opening. The puka shell is initially a shell containing a mollusk. Upon their deaths or when
Puka shells originally consisted of naturally-occurring, beachworn pieces of cone snail shells, a kind
Puka-Puka, is a coral atoll in the northeastern Tuamotu Archipelago, sometimes included as a member of the Disappointment Islands. It is located at 14° 49' S. lat. and 138°
There's loads on e-bay.
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The Meaning of Puka Shells
Puka shells are found in Hawaii and are recognizable because of the naturally occurring hole found in each one. Because of this hole, the shells are easily made into "good luck" and "well wishes" jewelry.... More »
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