Meaning of Seeing a White Dove?


Many people are very interested in the symbolic meanings of events in their lives. For example many wonder about the meaning of seeing a white dove. The symbolic meaning of doves dates back to ancient cultures due to the soothing nature of the dove's cooing. The dove has come to be known to symbolize comfort and reassurance. In Christian traditions, the dove is considered a symbol of divinity, or the symbol for mother. Some also feel that the dove represents peace and/or forgiveness.
Q&A Related to "Meaning of Seeing a White Dove?"
you may fine the true one in your life. it also means that some one died.
A white dove is usually associated with the Holy Spirit. Seeing one could be a
About 10 days ago, my friend and i were leaving the gym around 11pm and we were driving on a back road; all of a sudden a white eagle or white dove flew above us. We were both like
Dreaming of white doves foretell a happy domestic life filled with peace and tranquilli
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