Meaning of Sense of Urgency?


A sense of urgency is the sense that immediate action is required. It is the idea that something must be done as soon as possible or a potentially positive outcome may be missed or turned into a negative outcome. In some instances, it can mean preventing a negative outcome from getting even worse.
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It means "quickness, haste". Thanks for asking ChaCha!
1. Identify your audience. Knowing your audience will help you craft a message that will speak directly to their immediate concerns and needs. Remind yourself that without an audience
This means that you understand it to be an emergency so that you act quickly. Ashoofly is correct also, I'm just saying it in diffrent words.
The opposite of a sense of urgency is a sense of complacency.
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1. Meet with the top managers and explain what you are attempting to do. Have a clear image of the organization you want, right from the outset. Learn as much ...
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