What is the meaning of "sense of urgency"?


The phrase "sense of urgency" means that there is pressure surrounding an event or process that requires whatever it is to be completed without haste. It indicates that without urgency, a positive outcome may be missed out on or a negative situation may become worse.

"Sense of urgency" is a phrase that is commonly used for many situations. It can be used to refer to any number of situations including business-related tasks, home life, school work or tests, or medical issues or concerns. It is also a common phrase used to describe situations in sports where a team or team members are required to use quick thought and action to finish out a game or event.

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It means "quickness, haste". Thanks for asking ChaCha!
1. Identify your audience. Knowing your audience will help you craft a message that will speak directly to their immediate concerns and needs. Remind yourself that without an audience
This means that you understand it to be an emergency so that you act quickly. Ashoofly is correct also, I'm just saying it in diffrent words.
Answer quickness, haste
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