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The Aztec calendar is a calendar system that was used by natives of central Mexico. It is among the Mesoamerican calendars consisting of a 365 day calendar cycle. The Aztec calendar is equally characterized with a 260 day ritual cycle known as tonalpohualli.
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The solar calendar, or Xiuhpohualli as the Aztecs called it, followed the course of the sun throughout the year. While it was 365 days long, it was far more difficult to remember
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The Aztec calendar consisted of a 365 day calendar cycle & 260 day
The Aztec Calendar Stone, more properly the Aztec Sun Stone, is a basalt disk, measuring ca. 3.6 m in diameter, thick ca 1.2 m and weighing more than 24 tons, covered with carvings
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The Mexican Aztec Calendar Stone was made up of 18 months of 20 days each. It had a solar year of 365 days. There was a second sacred calendar. You can find more ...
Aztec's Main God was known as Huitzilopochtil. Huitzilopochtil was their god of war and sun. His name means 'blue hummingbird'. The Aztecs had held a special war ...
The origin of the Aztec tattoo is in Mexico. The Aztec civilization was dominant in central Mexico from the 14th to 16th century. Spanish colonizers are said to ...
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