Meaning of Upside down Triangle?


An upside down triangle has many different meanings. A tattoo of an upside down triangle was used during World War 2 by Nazis so that they could identify Jewish homosexuals. The symbol was used in Ancient Greece to represent water. In modern times it is usually worn as a sign of gay pride.
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This emblem was used during W.W.II by the Nazis to identify homosexuals in the concentration camps. This symbol was reclaimed by the gay community in the 1970s for use in the struggle
The gradient is a vector operator denoted by the upside down triangle. It is
I did not know it had any meaning, i just thought it was an upside down triangle coloured blue.
Prior to June 14, 1923-flag day-no state or federal regulations governed the proper display of the U.S. flag. A conference was called to adopt a National Flag Code based on provisions
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