Meaning of When It Rains It Pours?


When it rains it pours' is typically used to describe a situation where something goes wrong, only to have a lot of other things go wrong at the same time. In other words, it describes a bad situation getting even worse. For example, if you were to get sick, then find out that you lost your job, you might say: 'When it rains it pours.
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When it rains it pours is an English idiom. For example, It hadn't rained at all for a long time and then suddenly is rains a lot all at once. You would reply, 'When it rains it pours
When something happens after a long pause, it happens in large amounts.
1. Prepare for a downpour by figuring out where you can break from a concrete pour should the weather get too bad. While you can pour in the rain, you cannot complete the project
This idiom means that when things go wrong, a lot of things
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