Meaning Pinch of Salt?


'Pinch of salt' is an idiom that means to accept something but to uphold a degree of skepticism about its truth. The term is related to the other English idiom 'a grain of salt' of which has the same meaning.
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A pinch of salt is a tiny bit "pinched" between you forefinger and thumb. Depending on the size of your fingers, that is a pinch! It isn't an exact measurment, but it seems
Not seeing the recipe my guess would be it was a typo. It probably should be 2 ingredients: butter pinch of salt
Did you mean in a recipe, or do you mean the phrase "take it with a pinch of salt"? If the latter, it means don't take it too literally, be wary or sceptical of what is
Pinch back mum plants early in the season, when they are about 6 inches tall, by removing between 1/2 inch and 1 inch of the end of each stem with your fingers or small scissors,
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A pinch of salt or a grain of salt is a statement meaning to accept but maintaining a degree of doubt about its truth. The phrase comes from the idea that food ...
A pinch of salt, is the amount you can fit between your fingers. Using your pointer finger, and thumb, pinch some salt. This is a pinch of salt, you could even ...
A pinch is a cooking term that means a really small amount of a particular ingredient. It usually pertains to an additive like salt, pepper, or sugar. The pinching ...
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