How do you measure chainsaw bar length?


To measure a chainsaw bar length you need to measure from where the bar comes out of the casing to the end of the bar. The chainsaw bar is also often called the chainsaw blade. Luckily, chainsaw bars are fairly standardized with the most common sizes being 16, 18, and 20 inches.
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1. Remove the two nuts screwed into the casing located near the handle with a socket wrench. These two nuts secure the casing to cover the blade. Once you have removed the nuts, remove
You can use several length bars on this saw. It looks like it came from the factory with a 20" bar.
Inches or centimeters would be
According to , this saw came with a 20" bar and a .325" pitch, .050" guage, 78 drive links chain. On sears' website, plug in your model number
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How to Measure a Chainsaw Bar Length
Removing the chain and the blade off of a chainsaw is the best way to get the most accurate measurement of your chainsaw's bar. With a basic knowledge of tools and chainsaw parts, this task is relatively simple and will not take too much time to... More »
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