Measure of How Hot or Cold Something Is?


The coldness or hotness of something can be measured using a thermometer or barometer. When the mercury is warmed, it rises in a tube within the thermometer showing hotness of something.
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a theremometer duh.
Temperature is measured in degrees using the Fahrenheit, Celsius, and
Holy cow, if I can remember from my heating and cooling classes years & years ago. If I remember right, there is no such thing as cold. As every degree, no matter how cold it
In hot gases, electrons are in high energy states, and can drop to lower states to emit a photon. in cold gases, electrons are in low energy states, and can jump to higher states
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The definition of temperature is the measurement of how hot or cold something is. The higher the temperature, the hotter it is and the lower the temperature, the ...
Heat is thermal energy whereas temperature is a measurement of how hot or cold something is when it is measured on a scale. Another difference is that heat is ...
Temperature and heat and different because temperature is the measure of how hot or cold something is. On the other hand, heat is all about the amount of heat ...
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