Who Invented the Mechanical Pencil?


The mechanical pencil was originally called the refillable pencil. The first refillable and propelling pencil was patented by Sampson Mordan and John Isaac Hawkins in 1822. These two people are credited as the inventors of the mechanical pencil.
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Before the first piece of plastic is manufactured, a mechanical pencil must go through the stages of the design process. In this process, the pencil manufacturer must decide how to
Joey. 's answer is partially correct. . The first. patent. for the mechanical pencil was granted in 1822 to the silversmith Sampson Mordan and engineer John Isaac Hawkins. However
To not have to sharpen the tip all the time.it's annoying to do that every 5 seconds especially for people who put pressure on their pencils. aka they're more practical.
1. Find a mechanical pencil with little or no lead. Ad. 2. If it does have lead, take it out to avoid a piece of lead flying out with the spitball. 3. Take apart the mechanical pencil
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