Medical Term for Booger?


The medical term for a booger is that of rheum. In fact it is the medical term for any thin mucus that naturally discharges from the eyes or nose or mouth. There are a large number of conditions that can increase the production of the rheum in the eyes, nose and mouth. When someone asks now if you know the medical term for a booger it's rheum, and it is pronounced rum, its really rather interesting.
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Per the correct definition would be "Nasal Crust. Thank you for
Alotofsnotupyournose.itis. Why do they always give them long names, some of them are so hard to pronounce. You just gave me an idea for a question ;
Having DOE is a symptom rather than a disease in itself. A person who suffers with DOE might find that ordinary efforts like walking, getting out of bed or even coughing can cause
The scientific name for booger would be mucus or dried nasal mucus. Mucus catches particles and dries.
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