Medical Term for Difficulty Speaking?


There are many different terms for speech impairment, but the most common medical terms are typically those you might find in any kind of medical book. It all depends on the reasons for the difficulty in speech. Generally speaking, the most common terms or reasons would probably include Aphasia, which is the loss of the actual ability of understanding language, Dysarthria, which refers to a difficulty in the pronunciation of certain sounds or words, Spasmodic dysphonia, which is a condition characterized by repetitive or continuous spasms of the muscles or Apraxia of speech, in which a person is having trouble saying what he or she wishes to say correctly.
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Dysphagia /dys*pha*gia/ (-fajah) is the medical term that means
you would know if you had asthma, you feel it in you're chest and you'd have difficulty breathing thru your mouth too. you could try nasal strips at night to widen your nose a bit
Not Medical Advice: There is no known term, but it is a sign of many other afflictions, such as ADHD.
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Aphasia is the medical term for the inability to speak or communicate. It is important to note that the medical community no longer uses the term "mute, ...
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