Medieval Servants Clothing?


The medieval servant dress is a great peasant dress for your medieval kingdom staff. It consists of shirt, bodice, skirt, apron, and hood. Valet and varlet was the medieval name for a servant clothes.
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There really wasn't a servants. The people who served the king or queen would have been minor nobles and their children. This is where the Ladies in Waiting come from and they were
Is a simple medieval dress what you want. You first need a great pattern. You can get these on line. Next you need to purchase your material. You need about 3m of a 60inch fabric.
1. Research the time period and location you want to create medieval clothes for. You can find period clothing information on the internet, or in costume books in a library. 2. Find
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Servants in medieval times were expected to do many tasks. Some of their jobs included washing clothes and preparing food. They were expected to work long hours, ...
Actually, there were no servants. A servant is someone who gets paid for their work. There were serfs or slaves. Slaves do not get paid and they are owned. A King ...
The role of a medieval squire was to be the servant of a knight during the Middle Ages. Typically, they would wear clothing similar to the knights and other wealthy ...
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