How to Make a Medieval Shield?


Medieval shield symbols shows the coat of arms of a knight. A shield's symbol also includes the color which can be yellow, white, red, blue, black or green. The design of a medieval shield also includes plants or animals as symbols.
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1. Draw the shape of the shield you would like to make on your posterboard. Most shields at the time were either circular or kite shaped. While real medieval shields were quite large
Here is a site that lists outlines of hundreds of heraldic devices (such as you would see on a shield)…
The history of medieval armors and weapons has its origin in the Middle Ages
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There are many different ways that you can make a medieval shield. A play one can be made with aluminum foil and cardboard. First you will need to cut the cardboard ...
A shield has three main parts and they include: boss, bouche and enarmes. The boss is a round centre part of the shield and it is usually used to deflect blows ...
1. Draw outlines of shield shapes on pieces of cardboard. There are many different shapes you can use. The classic shape has a smooth top and curves downward to ...
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