Mega Millions Payout?


What the payout amount for Mega Millions lottery will be is announced prior to the date the winning numbers are selected. The lottery amount is different for each drawing, and will also depend on the number of winners.
Q&A Related to "Mega Millions Payout?"
The current Mega Millions Jackpot is worth $640 million with a $462 million
There is no "beating the odds" when it comes to the Mega Millions lottery. Your chances of winning the jackpot are one in 175,711,536 regardless of your tactics. However
You need to define "best deal". The cash payout gives you control over how you invest your money so that choice can probably be used to produce a bigger total cash pool,
They say it right on their website. The cash-value payout is $341 million. Highest federal tax rate is 35%. Highest CA tax rate is 10.5%. So, 45.5% of that goes to taxes... so, you'd
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