Megger Readings?


Megger readings can be measured by using a megohmmeter. The leads are connected to the positive wire and a solid ground. Normal readings are between 2 megohms and 1000 megohms in most situations.
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1. Shut off all power connected to the cables you are testing. 2. Disconnect the cables from the power source. 3. Disconnect the cables from the device for which they are intended
While using megger we only have to see whether resistance breaksdown at the upper value mentioned. Since megger generates high voltage we can check whether breakdown takes place or
May I refer you to this web page: The opening explanation indicates that: Therefore, when the generator is not operated, the pointer floats freely and may come to rest at any position
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How to Read a Megger
In order to measure the insulation resistance in electrical wiring and electrical motors, electricians use the megohmmeter, also known as a megger. It differs from an ohmmeter in that, unlike the ohmmeter, it is able to measure resistances in ohm values... More »
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