What do they do in toenail melanoma surgery ?


Toenail melanoma is a type of cancer. A biopsy, which is a surgery to remove the lesion must be performed to see if it is really melanoma. If it is the early stage of melanoma, surgery is done to remove it. If it is advanced, amputation might be needed.
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One can find pictures of Melanomas on various websites like Mayoclinic and Melanoma. Both websites offer a great amount of pictures of Melanomas and can be downloaded for free.
I had a surgery at my toenail not because of melanoma but because I cut it too deep and it didn't grow right. You are conscious, they will just put some injections at your toe to
Louise Hollis has the longest toenails in the
Toenail melanomas are similarly found on the skin but they are on the skin beneath the toenail or thumbnail. This makes them less noticeable especially for people who frequently wear
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