Melting Clocks?


The Persistence of Memory is a painting by Salvador Dali. This painting features melting pocket watches, because of this some people refer to this piece as melting clocks. This piece has inspired many pieces that actually look like they are melting. Clocks are the most commonly sold melting item based on this painting. Though there are also vases and other items. The painting is from 1931. The painting has been kept at the Museum of Modern Art since 1934.
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Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, 1st Marquis of Púbol. (May 11, 1904 - January 23, 1989) aka, 'Salvador Dali'
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The artist of the melting clocks painting is Salvador Dali. Thank you for
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The man that painted the Melting Clocks was Salvador Dali. Salvador Dalipassed away on January 23, 1989. ...
Salvador Dali painted the melting clocks. Salvador Dali was born in May 11, 1904 and was well known for his striking and bizarre images where he also painted wristwatches ...
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