How to Put Curlers in Men's Hair?


Men don't normally curl their hair on purpose or wear a perm but some men have naturally curly hair. You would put curler's in men's hair the same way that you would on a woman. Divide the dry hair into sections and take a strand of hair about an inch thick and wrap it around the hair curler and secure at the scalp with hair pins. Carry out this process for the entire head, spray with water and remove the rollers several hours later.
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1. Spray your hair with the spray bottle to dampen your hair evenly and thoroughly. 2. Place a small dollop of styling gel into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together several
Wet hair. Spritz it
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Do not allow your gender to determine how you style your hair. If you want curls, you should have them regardless of whether you are male or female. Men have the same options for
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