Men Wearing Tights?


Men wearing tights is a common practice. Centuries ago tights was a normal part of daily attire for men. Today men still wear them. In some activities tights are part of the normal outfit for me. For example in ballet. Dance in general is an area where men wear tights. Some sports such as gymnastics and wrestling also require the use of tights as part of the sports uniform. Those who ride horses may also decide to wear tights while doing so.
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i as a boy wear tights and think it is ok men wear tights because they are comfy in the winter thats all we want them for so why do some girls/boys take the mick i fink it should
I'm willing to entertain the idea that Hedi Slimane of Dior Homme popularized the skinny silhouette for men at the turn of the millennium: The popularization of the skinny silhouette
Men can wear a scarf the same way a woman does. The difference in it is that it should be darker colors and be a little bit bigger than a lady's scarf. Men can just wrap it behind
Some men like to wear tights because they like the feel of them. Others like male ballet
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Men wear tights for various reasons. If they are in a sport such as track and it's cold out they will wear running tights. If they want to impersonate their favorite ...
For rich Tudors fashion was very important. Their clothes used to be very detailed and wearing tights was their fashion. For the poor, clothes had to be resilient ...
Leotards and tights are usually worn by women as a replacement for stockings or panty hose. Women wear them under skirts or slacks. Men can wear leotards or tights ...
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