Men with Too Much Estrogen?


Men with too much estrogen can run into some problems. Too much estrogen can cause a man's moods to be altered. Men with too much estrogen may also notice that they are gaining weight. Their body shape can also change. They may also find that they are getting more breast tissue. Muscles that the man once had may begin to be lost. They often have less interest in sex when their estrogen levels are too high as well.
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Estrogen is an important part of a woman's body. It's a hormone that determines sexual characteristics, helps during pregnancy and fetal development, and is part of the overall reproductive
If men just had testosterone, then they would be all out of whack. Pimples, agression issues, etc. Estrogen acts as a balance. But too much estrogen is bad, too. You don't want to
1st ask yourself if you really want "manliness. Being yourself is important. If you'd like to toughen up I would suggest playing a sport, as competitively as you can. And applying
Most men produce 6-8 mg of the male hormone testosterone (an androgen) per day,
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Symptoms of Too Much Estrogen in Men
Hormone imbalance in men is a common problem. Hormone imbalance normally starts showing in the forties, but sometimes it can occur much earlier. This is an embarrassing problem for men, but it can be cured.... More »
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There are various causes of overproduction of the hormone oestrogen including pharmaceutical hormones such as those used in hormone-replacement therapy and the ...
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