What is the difference between Dexron-III and Mercon V?


Dexron 3 and Mercon V are two different kinds of transmission fluid. You should never mix the two together. The difference between them is their viscosity.
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one is for gm and mercon is ford. now days they make a dexron mercon mix acceptable to both. Dexron III and Mercon V have different specs. You should not use Dexron III in place of
Mercon V is a fully synthetic transmission fluid where
They will both ruin a Dodge transmission. The MerconV will probably mess it up quicker. Fine for Fords. Call Ford service dept to see if the V isn't for any particular Ford.
A. Service intervals depend on the conditions under which you use the car. Usually called "Normal" and "Severe" service. The term "Normal Service" is
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