Merits and Demerits of Computer Technology?


Computer technology has revolutionised the social and economical factors in our day to day life. The introduction of the internet further advanced this by enabling people from across the world to communicate to each other in a faster and more convenient way than ever before. Students are able to study online and office communication is now easier through the use of emails. Demerits associated with the computer and its technology is computer viruses have led to loss of sensitive data, rise of immorality due to pornography, plagiarism by students', among others.
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Merits of computer. A computer has many advantages, But mostly computers have been source of income to an individual,companies, and even to a country. A good example is Mr Microsoft
Technology makes things possible that were not possible before - or it makes doing things more convenient, faster or safer. However, technologies are used by people and people do
Computer Technology has revolutionized the way things were done before. They have entered our lives and have made things easier for us. Following are the merits of Computer Technology
technology and engineering are interrelated terms.We can say the engineering in a useful way is called technology. Technology is a sward having two sharp edges. We can use it for
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