How to Make a Merman Tail?


Make a merman tail out of cardboard, craft paper or fabric. A heavy duty fabric such as felt can be used to construct a merman tail. Draw a pattern out and cut this out. Glue front to back and attach to a costume by stitching, gluing or stapling.
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1. Hold a piece of fabric up to the person dressing as the merman. Line one end of the fabric up at the waist and the other end fall to the floor. Mark the fabric where the person's
when i say the spell do i turn in to a merman or a mermaid because i wonted to be a merman or a mermaid forever so can you help me all of the mermaids out of h2o and i wont all the
erm, i would have that perfect sea green teal color with a little bit of a pearl color in it. my hair would a medium light blonde with natural curls/waves. and my name would make
Wings! Mermaid's tail is binding and restricts you to water where as wings just adds to your freedom of mobility.
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