What transportation did Mesopotamia have?


In need of many resources for their own sustenance, the Mesopotamians used several methods of transportation for trade with neighboring areas, including donkeys, gulf boats, rafts, coracles, river boats and carts, explains the British Museum. Travelling by foot was also at times an option.

Gulf boats took items from the southern portion of Mesopotamia to the Gulf. Constructed of reed bundles or wood, these boats were both strong and fairly large. Also made of reed bundles, the river boat took items downstream, but people or animals had to carry the boats back up the river. Made of animal skins, the coracle carried goods both upstream and downstream. They floated on their own, or passengers paddled them. Rafts were made of logs atop animal skins. When the raft arrived at its destination, the logs were sold as well as the products the raft transported.

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they used boats and donkeys. Horses wer not used as much. They used long boats for long voyages.
Over land they had few options, on foot, by donkey or by
The question just answered itself. Read sentence one and then sentence two. As for the goods carried on the boats that floated down the rivers, that you can find in your textbook.
The chariot and horses for the military. Boats along the rivers and donkeys for the people.
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