Messenger Pigeons?


Messenger Pigeons is a domesticated rock pigeon that carries messages. Pigeons usually can only carry messages to their home. They have to be transported to the location where the message is being sent from. Some pigeons have been trained to fly back and forth, up to 100 miles. A pigeon can carry up to 2.5 ounces on their back. Pigeons were used during WWI and WWII to carry messages back to their home coop. Enemies would often shoot the birds down when spotted.
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Using their natural behaviour patterns, these birds naturally return to their home roost, even after flying long distances. So by transporting them away, they could be used to carry
Messenger pigeons (aka homing pigeons) only work in one direction. They always fly home. So to send a message, you first send the pigeon (perhaps by train) to the other person. When
Homing pigeons are called carrier pigeons when they are used to carry messages.
First thing is to give it a decent "Home" or Loft! Then it must be kept with a mate in the Loft for up to 4 weeks, don't forget to have a window that it can look out of
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Pigeons were used as messengers in the Bible because they would return to the area they left often. They knew to get back to the original destination and were ...
Pigeons were often used as military messengers during wars for a long time. That is because of their homing ability, speed, and altitude. During World War I, ...
Vaillant is the French name for the 2005 British computer animation film Valiant. It tells the story of a flock of messenger pigeons in World War II. It was released ...
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