How do you insulate cellar doors?


To insulate cellar doors, enter the cellar during the day and turn off the lights inside having closed the door. Check for cracks using sunlight shines to tell the cold air coming in fill the gap using an adhesive foam insulation tape. Staple the ends and corners of the tape and then cover cellar door with 6-inch thick layer of straw to cater for winter conditions. Metal cellar doors are doors made of metals.
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1. Stand inside the cellar with the doors closed and the lights off during the daytime. Locate any cracks where the sunlight shines through to determine where cold air is getting
I'll suggest the best paint for a cellar door (interior or exterior) would be an oil base enamel. Before applying ensure that the doors are free of rust and peeling and rough up the
When painting metal doors you sand and prime then dry, then you paint and dry. Then you sand with low grade sand paper and paint, then dry over night.
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