How to Recycle Metal Jar Lids?


Most recycling centers will take metal jar lids. Make sure they are cleaned of food and separated from the jar they were once attached to. If you do not have a recycling center near you, or your center does not take metal lids, you can reuse them. Many jars and lids are inter-changeable, so you can find another jar even if you don't have the original. Use them to store leftovers or juice. You could also make some creative craft projects out of them.
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Metal jar lids go on top of glass jars so that the items inside stay fresh. A metal jar lid will come with glass canning jars. They have a freshness seal that will pop up if the lid has been opened prior to you opening it. A metal jar lid can be very difficult to open because it has an airtight seal that almost impenetrable. One of the biggest complaints about metal jar lids is that older people have such a difficult time opening them that it can cause them pain.
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Dropping the metal lids in boiling water is one quickly way to clean them. Leave them in the boiling water for several minutes until they appear clean. Remove them from the boiling
because metal will expand when it has been heated up.
1 With the jar standing upright, carefully insert the tip of a screwdriver a little bit under the edge of the lid holding the screwdriver handle close to the side of the jar. Ad
Jar lids are made of various materials. Canning jars are made of ru...
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Putting a metal jar lid under hot water makes it easier to open because the warmed metal expands temporarily. Sticky food holding the lid on may also loosen under ...
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