How to Become a Meter Maid?


Meter maids are also known as parking meter officers. To become a meter maid you will need to call your community municipal office and see what qualifications you have to have. You will have to study for the civil-service exam.
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Meter maid is the colloquial term for a parking-enforcement officer. Parking-enforcement officers search for parking violations by foot, scooter, bicycle or other vehicle. Parking-enforcement
n. A woman member of a police traffic control department who issues tickets for parking violations.
261, according to the Office of the Controller: The number of budgeted full-time equivalent (FTE) PCO (class 8214) positions in Parking Enforcement decreased from 324 in fiscal year
The meter maid song is actually titled "Lovely Rita" and was written in 1967 by the
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meter maid
a female member of a police or traffic department responsible for issuing tickets for parking violations.
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