How to Make a METH Pipe?


When you are set to make a meth pipe, there is quite a simple process which can be followed. Go into an electronics store and buy a car battery charger and a propane torch. Then you have to slowly heat up the tapered end. While you do this blow through the other end this will make a bubble and you may want it to behalf an inch in diameter.
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1. Purchase a concrete cylinder with a lid. These can generally be ordered from a major hardware store. The top and lid portion is usually sold separately, and the cylinder is the
Fortunately meth pipes are not manufactured on a professional level, the ones you might see in videos or pictures have been blown on the street or have been taken from something else
1. Determine the pipe size that you are connecting to and purchase a Dielectric Union fitting to match. Dielectric unions are available at most hardware and hom improvement stores
1. Drill holes through wood wall studs with a 90-degree angle drill and a 1-1/4- to 1 1/2-inch spade drill bit where you would like to run the PEX pipe. Use PEX straps and hangers
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