Methods of Paragraph Development?


There are several methods of paragraph development. One is via narration. Another is through description. Other methods are classification, illustration, and process development.
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there are 11 of them. *definition. *comparison & contrast. *details. *illustration. *analogy. *repetition. *cause and effect. *elimination. *question and ans. *enumeration. *combined
I hope i can help.i know you have to have a good topic sentence and support that topic sentence with concrete info.goodluck hope someone asnwers properly.goodluck.
1. Write an introductory sentence. Also know as a “topic sentence,” every paragraph has to have one. This alerts the reader to what new information you are introducing
A sentence fragment is a group of
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When developing a paragraph by elimination, you will need to eliminate any sentence that does not support the main topic of the paragraph. A paragraph is like ...
Narration, definition, classification, description, exposition, persuasion and process analysis are all modes of paragraph development. Each type will differ in ...
There are 7 types of paragraph development. These types include narration, process analysis, exposition, persuasion, description, classification,and definition ...
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