What are some methods of refuse disposal?


There are several methods of refuse disposal, which is when trash and other garbage is removed and disposed. One method is ocean dumping. This method is very easy and convenient, but it can contaminate water and kill off plants and fish in the water. A sanitary landfill is a common method of refuse disposal, where waste is dumped into one large area. Incineration is yet another method, which involved burning the refuse. Finally, recycling certain items and reusing them is another method of disposal.
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1. Assess the availability of waste disposal methods at your home or office. If your municipality offers free weekly curbside pickup of recyclables, then you have no legitimate reason
A. About 80 percent of all municipal solid waste is landfilled, while 10 percent is incinerated and 10 percent recycled. Because only a small percentage of plastics is recycled (less
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