Methyl Hydrate Uses?


Methyl hydrate, also known as Methanol is a type of alcohol that is produced by carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen. Its use are primarily for solvents, antifreeze, and for fuel.
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Methyl hydrate, available at hardware stores, has been used by artists for cleaning
1. Ventilate the area by opening doors and windows. Wear rubber gloves, a respirator and safety goggles to protect yourself from the paint stripper. 2. Pour the methyl hydrate carefully
You can put about a pint in a full tank of gas.
is your car has no fuel/gas and no spark all the chemicals in the word will NOT help.diagnose problem first. Source(s) 40 yrs of watchiong people flub atround.
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To remove biro stains, you will need to use cleaning alcohol e.g. isopropyle alcohol, Methyl Hydrate or hair spray. Rub either of these agents gently in a circular ...
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