What is a metric scale?


A metric scale is a measuring device that is often used in drafting and architecture for obtaining accurate measurements. Metric scales are a more advanced type of ruler that uses measurements from the metric system. It has been found that using metric system measurements is more accurate when drawing or designing things to scale, so this is why this is popular for using, as it yields the most accurate results. Metric scales are available in different lengths, as well as marked with different graduations for any design project.
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1. Measure out about 3 1/4 feet (3.28). This is 1 meter. The meter is the basis of all length in the metric system. Instead of complicated figures in the U.S. Standard system, the
from biggest to smallest. kilometer, hectometer, decameter, meter, centimeter, millimeter.
The most commonly used metric temperature scale is Celsius. Kelvin scale is
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