How can you find the balance of your MTA MetroCard?


To find your balance of your MTA metrocard, you can call the number on the back of the card. From there you can check your balance. You can also get to customer service from that number.
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1. Go to the MetroCard Balance website. 2. Locate the MetroCard account number above or below the black strip on the back of the card. 3. Type the MetroCard account number into the
You can't right now. They are working on re-adding that functionality. You
Next to the token booth clerk there is a swipe reader that allows you to check your balance. There are also stand alone swipe readers close by the MetroCard automated machines as
MetroCards are used as passes for subway systems around the world. The MetroCard is swiped each time a person prepares to board a subway system. The balance is deducted from the card's
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