Metternich's Three Goals Congress of Vienna?


Metternich had three goals at the Congress of Vienna. The first was to prevent any French aggression in the future. The second was to restore the balance of power. Finally, the third was to restore the royal family's thrones as they were before Napoleon's conquest.
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Metternich's three goals for the Congress of Vienna were to 1) prevent futur French aggression, 2) restore the balance of power and 3) he wanted to restore Europe's royal family back
Klemons von Metternich's three goals at the
What: The Congress of Vienna. When: (September 1814-June 1815) Where: Vienna, Austria. Who: Britain,Lord Castlereagh and Welesley, duke of Wellington) Prussia,Prince von Hardenberg)
To arrange a power balance in Europe and to try to restore the European order as it was before the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars in order to promote peace and stability
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The Metternich system was a system of governments established by the Congress of Vienna. These governments were to prevent revolutions and stop any one government ...
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