How to Identify Mexican Coins?


Every once in awhile someone in a country outside of Mexico will come into some Mexican coin currency. These coins can be identified by looking on the back of the coin for indications on what it is. There are several types of old Mexican coins, such as the centavo and escudo. Looking at the back should tell you what time it's from and he monetary value of the coin.
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1. Identify what kind of coin it is. Look for an indications of both its numeration and denomination (i.e. is it 5 pesos? 50 centavos? These numbers will usually be fairly large on
It depends on the value and when they were made. Lower value coins (10, 20, or 50 centavos) are currently made from stainless steel. Peso coins are bi-metallic (stainless steel/aluminum
A 20 peso Mexican coin is worth exactly $1.55. Mexico doesn't use dollars. Thanks$20-mexic...
The history of what you call a Dollar sign was used First as the sign for the Peso . You likely have a $1.00 Peso if it can cover you forefinger I don`t have any and I can Not remember
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About Mexican Coins
Mexico has a huge collection of coins that, besides their value, have a multitude of designs stamped on them. Through its coins, Mexico celebrates its heroes like Don Benito Juárez García, Don Quijote and Hidalgo.... More »
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Mexican coins have been used for the buying and selling of items for hundreds of years. While the coins have changed over the years, the value of old Mexican coins ...
How much your Mexican coin is worth will depend on its face value. As of 2013, Mexico had different denomination coins in circulation, with the most common ones ...
The value of Mexican gold coins depends on the coins. A 50 Pesos gold coin can be worth up to $2,000. A 5 Pesos gold coin is worth about $200, and other are worth ...
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