What are some instruments traditionally used in Mexico?


There are a number of instruments that are Mexican in origin. Some of these instruments are maracas, guiro, harp, and vihuela. Mexicans also use the violin in a number of their traditional songs.
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Various harps (ARPA MEXICANA, ARPA JAROCHA) various types of guitars and guitar-like instruments like the large bass GUITARRON, the small rounded-back VIHUELA, the BAJO SEXTO/QUINTO
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"The Gonk" - The Noveltones. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WZha_LHV….
Maybe la quijada (which is the jawbone of the burro played in Veracruzan music). There are so many amazing instruments in Mexico, from the harp to las jaranas and el guitarró
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Types of Mexican Instruments
The rich tradition of Mariachi, Banda, Nortena and Ranchera sounds are a rich treasure from the Mexican culture. Many common and not-so-common instruments are used by the bands and groups that perform traditional and modern Mexican music.... More »
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