Mexican Names for Baby Girls?


There are many different Mexican names which can be given to baby girls. Many parents with Mexican heritage may opt to give their daughters Mexican names to preserve their heritage, while others may choose a name because they like the way that it sounds. Adriana, Cecilia, Elsa, Elvia, Hilda, Inez, Elsa, Ivonne, Juana, Liliana, Patricia, Marilu, Marisol, Rocio, Rosa, Rosario, Christina, Cierra, Grizelda, Irma, and Kristina are all popular Mexican names given to baby girls.
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There are many great girl names out there! Pick a name that you love. Go to your local library and check out the baby name books they have available. Good luck!
1. Choose a happy, positive name for your child. For a girl, Clarita means bright and clear, Carmencita means song, and Novia means sweetheart. For boys, Alfonso means noble and eager
Mexican baby girl names: Adriana, Aimara, Alejandra, Alicia, Ana,
Maria Esmeralda Catalina Selena Rosita
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