How Come Puerto Ricans Dislike Mexicans?


It is believed that they are far different cultures and it is taken as a taboo to live with them. Puerto Ricans and Mexicans have a different heritage, background and there is animosity between the two. Rivals have come up because both Puerto Ricans and Mexicans claim to have invented salsa dance.
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Some Puerto Ricans dislike Mexicans because they think they moved to Puerto
I'm PR and I don't dislike Mexicans. We're not a 1 dimensional group of people, we all have different opinions just like every other ethnic group.
Mexicans are from Mayan or Aztec Indian decedents mixed with the Spaniards who colonized them in the 1400s as well as the African American Slaves that were brought to work for them.
Mexicans are too short Have HUGE round fat heads speak like essay essay, andale! Sorry Boricuas are way sexier than a Mexican could ever be... Move to NYC and you'll see how ugly
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