How to Care for a Meyer Lemon Tree Indoors?


To care for the Meyer Lemon Tree indoors it is important to keep the tree at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The tree prefers to have plenty to full sunlight and damp soil. Also, the flowering part of the tree will need to be wiped out to remove pollen.
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1. Place your Meyer lemon in a large potting container that is at least 14 inches in diameter to allow the roots to fully develop and support the tree. 2. Plant Meyer lemon trees
What Meyer lemon trees like: Full sun. Protection from the wind. High quality potting soil. A large garden pot with good drainage. Consistent watering - soil should be damp not wet.
Sorry, Betty Jo. This is not enough information to tell you anything. I am not sure what you mean by stripping the limbs. Do you mean that something is eating them and you see
Growing Meyer lemon trees in garden pots is hugely rewarding. Not only are they prolific fruit producers, the blossoms of Meyer lemon trees are incredibly fragrant and beautiful.
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The optimum time of year for pruning Meyer lemon trees is the dormant season, December, January (best) and until the middle of February. For Meyer lemon trees, ...
You should feed your Meyer Lemon tree with high nitrogen fertilisers or you can also use an all-purpose fertiliser. The lemon trees also respond well to foliar ...
I always like to suggest using organic fertilizer. I mean yes, it's poopy, but at least you're not poisoning the Earth. Also, that way you're almost certain to ...
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