How much are Michael Jordan basketball cards worth?


There are several places that sell the Michael Jordan basketball cards. The value of the card depends on the condition. There some autographed cards that have been sold for $20,000.
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Value of Michael Jordan Basketball Cards I would say about 1 or 2 hundred dollars but im not for sure.
1. Choose a basketball hero or foe that you would like to compete against. This can be a world-renowned hoopster like Kobe Bryant or a local player that always seems to beat you.
Fleer Chicago Bulls Michael Jordan 1986-87 Rookie Card sells
I hear he has a big ego so unless you have a disability and he's doing charity work, my guess is not fun.
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A 1996 Upper Deck Michael Jordan basketball card is worth about $15. The price will depend upon what kind of shape the card is in. You can try getting one off ...
The Michael Jordan 1992 NBA Hoops Basketball Olympics card is now worth a whopping $1000. If you hold onto it, it will get more valuable as the years pass. ...
The 1991 Upper Deck Michael Jordan rookie card has a value of about $8.00. They have them listed on Ebay or a starting price of $1.29. ...
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