What is the value of a Michael Jordan rookie card?


The value of a Michael Jordan rookie card depends on it's condition, the record holder sold for over one hundred thousand dollars, but it was in absolutely perfect condition. It's runner up, in nearly perfect condition sold for $77,600. So it very much depends on the condition of the card, and the collector that wants it. Generally, perfect or neatly perfect MJ Rookie cards will fetch a hefty sum.
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3000 dollars.
This card should always be bought in graded form as there are so many reprints and counterfeits around. The best companies are BGS and PSA. BGS graded 10 copies have sold for $150,000
All I can find is Michael Jordan's
1986 Fleer Rookie #57 is the most highly desirable Michael Jordan card to date. It can be purchased raw anywhere between $100 and up depending on quality.
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Value of the Michael Jordan Rookie Card
The most valuable sports trading card of the 1980s is a "rookie card" of Michael Jordan, who was actually two years into his career when it appeared. The card, No. 57 in a set of 132 from the Fleer company, would have stood out anyway for being the first... More »
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