How can I find Michaels craft store locations?


Michaels provides a store locator tool on its website. Conduct a search using the tool to get the address, phone number, hours of operation and location on a map for all Michaels stores in your area.

Using the Michaels store locator is easy when the following steps are followed.

  1. Navigate to the store's website.
  2. Look for the store locator link at the top of the page, and click it.
  3. Enter a zip code or city and state combination.
  4. Select the appropriate country.
  5. Specify a radius for the search. Limit the search to Michaels locations within a 20-mile radius of the zip or city entered. Expand the search to up to 200 miles when looking for stores in a nearby city.
  6. Click search.
  7. View information about stores in the area. Click on each store's map pin to see additional details, including whether amenities such as in-store birthday party rooms are offered.
  8. View weekly ads or events for each store using the links provided next to each location.
  9. Some locations have links to site-specific pages where you can find additional information, including lists of nearby stores, the individual store's service, and links for classes, projects and videos offered by Michaels.

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There are quite a number of Michaels locations in the area such as Hazeldean road, Iris street, Trainyards drive and Bank street for example.
There are 7 locations for Michael's craft stores
1. Look in the local Sunday newspaper for the A.C. Moore or Michael's circular. 2. Find coupons for up to 40 percent off on one item in the Michael's or A.C. Moore store. 3. Find
Michael's Arts and Crafts 579 Troy Schenectady Road. Phone: (518) 783-4358. Need directions?
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Michaels is the largest arts and crafts retail chain in the world. It currently operates more than 1040 Michaels Arts and Crafts Stores located in 49 U.S. states and in Canada... More>>
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