How do I access my Michael's Workbrain account?


To access your Michael's Workbrain account you must navigate your web browser to the Workbrain web portal. Then you must type in your username and password details in order to log in. Click on the ETM tab and you will be able to view your schedule, modify your availability etc.
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Is your request off a long-term thing? If so, click 'Work Schedule' from the home page. Then, in the blue tabs, click on 'Availability'. From there, adjust the hours to how you need
Try removing all times from it. Just leave it blank. If you need to write a comment in the box below it saying you need them off. Oh and 0:00 is generally midnight. There should be
Even though you remember the password. click on the and it will send an email. to your alternate account with a code to click on to. reset. Sometimes that email lands in the Spam
when you go to the workbrain website in the top left hand corner of the you will see ETM click on that and it will lead you to this website
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